About Us

Kujtim Berisha (hereafter referred as Kujta) was born on 11 July 1970 in the town of Gjakova, Republic of Kosovo. It was his raw talent and his will to design starting from age of 10 years old that made him to not stop ever since and to become a professional experienced designer in the fashion world. After completing bachelor studies in Kosovo, Kujta moved to Slovenia for pursuing further studies in art and design. Under the circumstances of former Yugoslavian regime in Kosovo, he had to return back in the hometown. In 1990, Kujta founded his own atelier, and thus began to create very special hand-made designs for the time being. His imaginations and expressions always led to creating a unique line of clothing for women. It was not accidentally that women began to like his style, thus leading to a rapid reach of clients, where at times it was difficult to respond to all of the request for new personalized pieces. Kujta kept working alone at that particular time, despite the circumstances in which this profession struggled to thrive. In 1991, Kujta meets Merita Krasniqi – Berisha (hereafter referred to as Meri), and their synergy enabled an even stronger creativity to design elegant styles. Meri’s designs immediately grabbed Kujta attention, though he was always a fierce critic of fashion. Thus, day by day, their elite and elegant dresses designed under K&M brand began to be popularized among modern women. All celebrities and public figures all over the country started appreciating and respected the unique, brilliant and exclusive designs of K&M. Simply put, Kujta & Meri knew how to design elegant dresses that are made to fit goddesses. K & M had always dreamed of taking their designs at the fashion capital of the world – Milan, Italy. Through continuous networking and many trips to Milan, they were invited to present their creations in 2009 during the 2009 Milan Fashion Week, held under the authority of Critical Fashion. The event impression’s for them turned out to be beyond expectations, as their design identity was deeply appreciated by the Italian media and fashion institutions. As such, Kujta & Meri passed their country’s boundaries, which at those times were very challenging for a post-war country. Since this debuting presence in Milan, K & M enjoy the respect from the media, journalists and professionals of fashion and culture in Italy. As a result, they were invited to attend the clothing Eksposita Haute Couture Art & Gallery in Milan in 2009. This exciting, but rather challenging, journey made K & M to be the first Kosovar designers introduced in the market of world fashion centers, such as Milan, Rome, and Palermo. In 2014, they introduced dresses in fashion week in 2014 Berlin Fashion Week in Berlin. Their path in reaching celebrities kept expanding, whereas in 2018 Kujta & Meri were the chosen ones of the Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra for a glamorous dress on Bollywood’s red carpet. Ms. Chopra’s dress was chosen as the best dress of the red carpet and was awarded “The best 2018 Bollywood dress. In the same year, Kujta & Meri pieces were worn at the Latin Music Awards 2018 by the world-famous actress Cassidy Bentley and Aracelya Rambula. Reaching the top has been Kujta & Meri dream since day one. Their worldwide reach kept expanding throughout the years, thus reaching the eyes of world diva – Beyonce. She chose exactly Kujta & Meri handmade ‘Snowflake Leaves’ dress for the Diddy’s 50 Birthday Party in December 2019. The event and Beyoncé dress appearance was rated exceptionally high by the greatest critics of the fashion industry. As it seems, the Diva herself was highly impressed with Kujta & Meri talent and attention to brining unique pieces that match her fashion identity, thus making them her next choice as well. For the ‘Black is King’ movie (MOOD 4 EVA) Beyoncé choose Kujta dhe Meri again, thus appearing in wholly captivating dresses and accessories designed by the hands of Kujta & Meri.