From Local Artisans to
Global Icons


Since their debut in Milan, Kujta & Meri have garnered respect from the Italian media, journalists, and fashion professionals. Their success led to an invitation to the Eksposita Haute Couture Art & Gallery in Milan in 2009, marking their entry into the world fashion centers of Milan, Rome, and Palermo. In 2014, they further solidified their presence by showcasing their dresses at the Berlin Fashion Week. Their journey to celebrity circles continued to expand, with a highlight in 2018 when Kujta & Meri were chosen by Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra to create a glamorous dress for the Bollywood red carpet. The dress was hailed as the best of the event, earning them the title of “Best 2018 Bollywood Dress.” That same year, their pieces were also worn at the Latin Music Awards by renowned actresses Cassidy Bentley and Aracelya Rambula. Achieving the pinnacle of success had always been Kujta & Meri’s dream, and their global reach continued to expand. Their designs caught the attention of none other than world diva Beyoncé. Impressed by their talent and their ability to create unique pieces that resonated with her fashion identity, Beyoncé chose their handmade ‘Snowflake Leaves’ dress for Diddy’s 50th Birthday Party in December 2019. The event and Beyoncé’s dress received rave reviews from fashion critics, solidifying Kujta & Meri’s position as sought-after designers. Beyoncé continued to choose Kujta & Meri for her ‘Black is King’ movie (MOOD 4 EVA), appearing in captivating dresses and accessories crafted by their skilled hands.

Background Story

Kujtim Berisha, affectionately known as Kujta, was born on July 11, 1970, in the picturesque town of Gjakova, Republic of Kosovo. His journey as a designer began at the tender age of 10, fueled by a raw talent and an unwavering passion for creating. His determination knew no bounds, propelling him to become a seasoned professional in the world of fashion.

After completing his bachelor’s studies in Kosovo, Kujta set his sights on Slovenia, eager to further hone his skills in art and design. However, the political landscape of the former Yugoslavian regime in Kosovo compelled him to return to his hometown. Undeterred, in 1990, Kujta established his own atelier, where he began crafting exquisite, hand-made designs that captured the essence of elegance.

Kujta’s innovative designs, coupled with his unique vision, quickly garnered attention, attracting a loyal clientele who sought his personalized creations. Despite the challenges that came with being a solo designer, Kujta’s commitment to his craft remained unwavering.

In 1991, fate intervened when Kujta crossed paths with Merita Krasniqi-Berisha, affectionately known as Meri. Their collaboration sparked a new wave of creativity, resulting in the birth of the K&M brand. Meri’s designs captivated Kujta, who had always been a discerning critic of fashion. Together, they embarked on a journey to redefine elegance, creating a line of elite and sophisticated dresses that resonated with modern women.

Their designs quickly gained popularity, earning admiration from celebrities and public figures across the country. K&M became synonymous with unique, brilliant, and exclusive designs that were tailor-made for goddesses. In essence, Kujta and Meri mastered the art of designing elegant dresses that transcended fashion, embodying the essence of timeless beauty.

Kujta & Meri had always harbored a dream of showcasing their designs in the fashion capital of the world – Milan, Italy. Through relentless networking and numerous trips to Milan, their perseverance paid off when they were invited to present their creations at the 2009 Milan Fashion Week, organized by Critical Fashion. The response exceeded their wildest expectations, with the Italian media and fashion institutions embracing their design identity wholeheartedly.